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Daloka _ rag doll

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[Moongsool Co.,Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Daloka _ rag doll 





Make people happy with character contents

Moongsool is a company specialized in character.

We make the character Daloka, design and develop related contents and products.

In 2014 Making and Launching Daloka

In 2015 -

- Daloka selected as an outstanding character in SBA-Daum Kakao Character Production Support Project, Conclusion of Agreement

- A contract signed with SYL Thailand, a character agency.

In 2016 -

Daloka is soon to be available all over Thailand (Seven Eleven & Central Department Stores B2S) from the first half of the year. (producting and selling Daloka stationery, Daloka stuffed rag doll and Daloka cell phone case)






Product name : Stuffed toys

Model name : Daloka rag doll

Color : Seven _ Bllue, Yellow, Red, Black, White, Pink, Green.

Material : Polyester

Size : 45cm

Country of origin : Republic of South Korea

Produced In February 2016

Age : Available for people aged over 3

Notes : Keep it away from the flames, and dont have it at hand!